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Ministry Leader(s): Shelia Atkins

Our prayer is to keep our Singles interested and excited about being a part of this ministry. We want to teach them how to live holy during their time of singleness and still have fun and enjoy life. We want to encourage our singles to trust God for all their needs including a mate, but we also want to stress that we have to put God first and all these things will be added unto them. We want to be able to encourage and counsel each other with Godly counsel. 


This ministry will focus on the spiritual relationships between single people and Jesus Christ, not about matchmaking. We want to move in the direction of Christ being the most important ambition in the life of a single person. We want to stress the advantage of a single person being able to serve the Lord in an even greater capacity than a married person can. Also, giving our singles the information and encouragement to live happy, healthy lives during their season of singleness.

Singles Bible Study and/or Group Session sort of like the Hot Topics where we can get together and talk about things that we are having trouble with. This can be something that we can have in the Trailer once a month or every other month, or even quarterly. 


Meet and Greet Potluck Fellowship 


Fellowship with other Singles Ministries.

Meeting up once a month at a restaurant for either Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner./ other fun activities

Serving together as a group and volunteering to help out at a shelter, mission, or food bank- to show servitude in unity.



Single people have a unique opportunity to serve the Lord in a great capacity. If, in the process of doing that, God matches them up with someone to marry, that is fine. However, we must make God the main focus of our relationships as singles. This is just a few things to focus on as we venture on this path to help our singles.

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